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Countering Biological



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CBT Factsheet (pdf)


Countering Biological Threats at Sandia leverages the expertise of thousands of individuals dedicated to issues of national security. Learn more about recent developments at Sandia and gain a comprehensive picture of the scope of excellence Sandia represents.


Spotlight on Countering Biological Threats and related research at Sandia:

Bio threats call for new global collaboration model

Read about new global collaboration initiatives aimed at solving US national security challenges, particularly those posed by biological threats.

Can Biosecurity Go Global?

Understand the impact the 2001 anthrax letters had on the world's biological sciences communities.

Training the world’s Scientists

Read about Sandia's leadership in preparing the World Health Organization to educate scientific leaders worldwide.

International Biological Threat Reduction

Watch Sandia professionals describe how their work affects stakeholders across the threat spectrum.

Securing Dangerous Pathogens

Watch a news segment from Albuquerque on the importance of biosecurity.

Unlocking Secrets of the Plague

Learn about how advances in imaging technologies at Sandia shed new light on the plague.

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